Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Cluttered House, is the sign of a cluttered Mind.

Why is organizing your things around the house to make life easier such a challenge?  Maybe it’s because you don’t want to face the clutter and chaos you’ve left piled up.  There is some truth to the phrase – A Cluttered House, is the sign of a cluttered Mind.

The storage & organization experts at Ziploc Space Bag have developed some tips to help simplify your home.

New ‘Cube’ Vacuum Seal Bags For Home Storage

Ziploc Space Bag, the leader in innovative, space-saving storage products, has developed a New vacuum-seal storage bag that helps reduce all the clutter that preys through your home.

The Next Generation of vacuum-seal compressible bags, the Ziploc Space Bag Cube, has become an essential accessory for home organizers around the world.  Similar to the Ziploc Space Bag, The Cube compresses and protects your bulky items when not in use.  And the newly designed gusseted space saver bag, offers 25% more Storage Capacity.  Once packed, simply slide the airtight/watertight zipper closed, and remove air thru the patented one-way value using any ordinary home vacuum cleaner.

The Ziploc Space Bag Cube can store up to 4x more in each bag than traditional plastic bins or boxes.   Imagine, now you can save storage space and store in places were you’d never feel safe to store before—garages, basement and attics because your items stay protected from dirt, moisture, and bugs.

Bedroom Closets

Do you run around your home every morning getting dressed from multiple closets?  Pushing aside clothing that is front and center, yet never get’s worn?  Here is a tip on transforming your closet, so you can gain more storage space and have access to those blouses, pants, and shirts that you wear more frequently during that particular season.

The first step to any closet overhaul is to remove everything!  Emptying out a closet allows you to see what space you have to work with.  While removing items, start separating by Season – winter vs. summer wear.

You can begin to store all your winter items, like sweaters, ski coats, pants, bulky comforters into the Ziploc Space Bag compressible Cube, so you have more room for your spring and summer clothing.  And they’re reusable so use them over and over again.

*Interesting Fact: When it comes to our wardrobes, most of us wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time.  Leaving a lot of clothes just hanging around the closet.   And if you’re working with a small  closet, those garments are taking up some prime real estate!

Ziploc Space Bag’s New storage Cubes are perfect for organization, because they’re see-through so you can easily identify and locate your stored items with ease.  You can even place an index card in plain view on the inside of the bag, categorizing each packed article.

Once you’ve simplified your closet, by transforming unused seasonal items into vacuum-seal Cubes, you’ll have so much closet space available; it will feel like you extended your closets.

Garage, Basement, and Attic

When finished maximizing closet space, don’t place the Cube bags back in the closet, store them out of the way – like the garage, attic, or basement.  Unlike boxes and bins, Ziploc Space Bag vacuum seal bags are airtight & waterproof, so your items stay protected from bugs, dust, moths, mildew and musty odors.   And their square shaped bottom easily stacks or fits on garage shelves.  Now bulky comforters and sweaters are dramatically compressed and able to be stored in places you never felt were safe.

*Tip:  Empty suitcases sitting in garages and attics are perfect for storing Ziploc Space Bag storage bags.  Place extra items in the Cube, vacuum out the air and store them inside empty luggage.  Now you’ve created extra storage space.

- TEAM SPACE, Signing Out

Take Back your Bedroom & Get Organized!

Do you have an escape? One room in your home that is all yours? Or maybe it’s an area you share, yet it’s your favorite because it’s so comfortable. Everyone needs a place to run to when they need to relax or cuddle up with a good book.
Your bedroom can be the perfect escape with just a few adjustments that won’t cost a fortune. To get started, thoroughly clean your bedroom because everything already seems greatly improved when floors are vacuumed and furniture is dusted. Coincide cleaning with laundry day so you can enjoy freshly washed linens when you lay down after all your hard work.

After cleaning, follow these tips to spruce up your room and make it your own personal retreat:

    Go green. Plants naturally enhance the air around you. Consider bamboo or orchids for a relaxing atmosphere. Green is also a soothing color to paint bedroom walls.
    Clear the clutter. It’s hard to relax when you know you should be cleaning. The space under your bed can be used to store items you don’t need to be readily accessible. Consider the Ziploc Space Bag High Capacity Tote, which is perfect for under the bed and allows you to store more stuff in less space.
    Get comfy. Have a drawer dedicated to your favorite “comfy clothes.” Baggy sweatpants and your favorite T-shirt work well. Hang a cozy bathrobe where you can easily grab it on your way to the shower, and make sure there’s always a soft blanket nearby for those times when you just want to cuddle up.
    A few of your favorite things. Surround yourself with the people you love by hanging photos with their smiling faces. Love the smell of lavender? Keep a candle or diffuser on the nightstand to give your room a pleasant aroma. The key is to keep things around that give you a little bit of joy every time you walk into the room.

    Make it modern. Basic colors like black and white never go out of style. Throw splashes of color around the room with the plants, picture frames, pillows and maybe a blanket or two. If you like to be seasonal with your decorations, use an extra-large Ziploc Space Bag  to store throw pillows and blankets when not in use.


TEAM SPACE, Signing Out.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Maximize Space, Minimize Hassles

Why take two bags when you can take one, or a suitcase when you can take a carry-on? Ziploc Space Bags work by compressing their contents as much as 50 percent, so you can pack more in less space.
After the Ziploc Space Bag is filled, the patented closure system ensures an airtight seal. Air is then manually rolled our pushed from the bag through the one way valve, compressing and "shrink-wrapping" the contents. Ziploc Space Bags can double packing space and protect against dirt, bugs, moisture and odors.
An important feature of Ziploc Space Bag products is transparency, a feature that can speed items through airport security checks and reduce the potential for invasive searches of checked luggage. Airport security personnel can get a clear look at belongings packed in Ziploc Space Bag products without directly handling them.
Road-tested and ready for take off, Ziploc Space Bag products make the perfect packing accessory for checked luggage, carry-on size bags and road trips.

Here are a few more packing tips to speed you on your way:

  • In larger suitcases, use Ziploc Space Bags to compress and organize the contents.
  • Use separate bags to group underwear, socks, scarves, tee shirts, nightclothes, sweaters, dress shirts, jeans, slacks—in whatever combinations work best for you.
  • If traveling with children, use Ziploc Space Bags to hold complete outfits or to separate each child's clothing so they can easily find their own items and dress themselves.
  • Take along some empty Ziploc Space Bags to hold dirty laundry and keep the rest of the suitcase contents fresh and clean.
  • Use a Ziploc Space Bag to hold film, extra batteries and other items you want kept waterproof and easy to find.
  • Don't pack your valuables; carry them with you.

For short trips, avoid checking your bag altogether. With the help of Ziploc Space Bags, you can fit a week's wardrobe into a carry-on.

  • Select all your clothes in a simple scheme of one or two colors.
  • Choose items that will do double duty.
  • For business, take only one suit.
  • Choose opaque nightclothes so you do not need a robe.
  • Call ahead to your hotel to see what amenities are already offered in your room; you may not have to pack that hairdryer or travel iron.
  • Make sure you don't have any "security contraband" that you'll have to give up at the checkpoint, and that will slow you down.
  • Stick to no more than three pairs of shoes, including casual. Instead of slippers, throw in an extra pair of socks.
  • Use travel-size toiletries or transfer your favorites into smaller unbreakable bottles. Leave room in each for liquids to expand, and gather all of them into one airtight, waterproof Ziploc Space Bag to avoid leakage.
  • Keep your prescriptions in their originals bottles
Whether checking items or carrying on everything, put your name and phone number or email inside every piece of luggage. Do not include your address.
A few items that take up little space, but can come in very handy: extra batteries, small flashlight, earplugs, small alarm clock.
One more option for traveling lighter….take along some clothing items that are ready to be retired, then jettison them after one wearing en route.

-TEAM Space, Signing Out.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Welcome to - The Space Bag Blog to help you Save Space & Get Organized!

Message from Team SPACE:

The Ziploc Space Bag vacuum-seal storage pack, has become an essential accessory for millions of home organizers around the world, and Team SPACE is here to share these stories!!!

The key to Ziploc Space Bag is compression, applied by means of a home vacuum cleaner or manually by hand rolling. Either way, the results are dramatic: Ziploc Space Bags provide up to three times more storage capacity as they protect items from dirt, moisture and odors. This superior protections means you can store them almost anywhere—garage, attic, basement, under the bed—which means you get your closets back!


  • The Entryway: For belongings you want by your front door, use a Space Bag® pack in the closet. It's a handy way to store mittens, scarves, hats and the like. The front door closet is also a great place for storing winter coats and foul weather gear in the Hanging Space Bag®.
  • Overstuffed Closets: Pack seasonal and seldom-used items in Space Bag® vacuum-seal storage packs, then store them in the garage, attic, basement, or under the bed. You can do this because your items are protected from dirt, bugs, moisture, mildew and odors. And you’ll get your closets back!
  • Closets You Didn’t Know You Had: Empty suitcases sitting in closets and garages are perfect for storing seasonal clothing or bedding. They’re miniature closets waiting to be utilized. Compress your items in a Space Bag® vacuum-seal storage pack, then place them inside your luggage for long-term storage. Your stored items will be safe from moisture, pests, mildew, dirt and odors, and take up zero additional space in your home.

If you have any additional Tips for better managing clutter in your home, please feel free to post here!

- Team SPACE, Signing Out.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Smart ways to store things at home, with Ziploc Space Bag

As you organize all the things in your house, it’s clear that items such as blankets, toys, seasonal products and so on take up lots of room. A very clever storage solution is the vacuum-seal storage bag. Ziploc Space Bags have airtight and watertight zippers and a one-way air valve so that, using an ordinary vacuum, you can suck out all the air in the bag. The result is a smaller package to store, saving space and keeping the items clean and safe.
There are dozens of smart applications for these vacuum-seal Ziploc Space Bags. Here are a few.

In the closet:

When it comes to our wardrobes, most of us wear 20 percent of our clothes 80 percent of the time. That leaves a lot of clothes just hanging around the closet. And if you’re working with a small closet, those garments are taking up some prime real estate!

The first step to any closet overhaul is remove everything. Then, separate everything by season, or winter and summer wear.

Store all your winter items, such as sweaters, ski coats, pants and bulky comforters, in vacuum-seal bags. Once the seasons change, your winter clothing comes out fresh and clean. Do the same for your summer wardrobe when the time comes.

Kids’ stuff:

Infant and toddler gear expands exponentially.  You can store a child’s precious baby clothes safely and securely, compress and protect extra bedding, pillows and blankets and provide a dirt- and allergen-free storage place for the stuffed animal overflow.

Around the house:

For belongings you want by your front door, use a bag in the closet. It’s a handy way to store mittens, scarves, hats and the like. The front door closet is also a great place for storing winter coats and foul
weather gear.

For the dining room, seal your good silver in airtight and watertight Ziploc Space Bags to put the brakes on the tarnishin process. Silver will tarnish when exposed to air and moisture.

In your attic, take advantage of empty suitcases by compressing seasonal clothing
or bedding in a bag, the place them inside the luggage. Stored items will be safe from moisture, pests, mildew, dirt and odors, and take up zero additional space.